The most frequently asked questions on Utopia

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Getting Started

1. What can I do using Utopia?

With Utopia you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats and channels, news feeds, and conduct a private discussion. A channel can be geotagged using integrated uMaps which simplifies the Utopia channel search and adds an additional security layer. As a result there is no need to use public map services which are known to collect your data to feed Big Data massives.

uMail is a decentralized alternative to the classic e-mail. No servers are used for mail transmission or storage. Your uMail account, which is created in a minute, enables unlimited messaging and attachment storage. The Utopia ecosystem encryption guarantees the security of mail transmission and storage. Your uMail, as an internal part of Utopia, cannot be blocked or seized.

All financial functionality can be found in Utopia's built-in uWallet: make and accept instant payments denominated in Utopia's mineable cryptocurrency Crypton, accept payments on your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your identity, or bill fellow Utopia users for your services.

Other features include the API and console client for fast and easy integration.

The Utopia network includes a safe alternative to the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) called the Utopia Name System (uNS). This is a decentralized registry of names that are impossible to expropriate, freeze or corrupt by any 3rd-party. Once registered it is your property in perpetuity.

uNS, combined with the Packet Forwarding functional, allow Utopia to tunnel any kind of data between users within the ecosystem, making it possible to host different types of resources, including websites, inside the Utopia network. Utopia's built-in Idyll Browser allows you to view websites within the Utopia peer-to-peer network. Idyll is a great alternative to TOR browser.

There are many other amazing features you will enjoy, like voice encryption, tons of stickers and smileys, multiplayer games, and collaboration and organizational tools.

Take advantage of all of the above features, while you stay anonymous, and your data remains secure.

2. Things you should do if you're new to Utopia ecosystem

  • Read Help File (Ctrl+F1)
  • Join some useful Channels from Channel Manager.
  • Get some Cryptons (CRP). You can do mining or can buy Cryptons (CRP). Check #17 about buying Cryptons (CRP)
  • Register your uNS name and set as your primary uNS.
  • If you like Dark theme, than change your client theme to Dark (View -> Switch Theme)

📢 Vote for a new coin

Vote for new coin that should be added to the Crypton Exchange


Crypton Mining

3. What is Crypton mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process by which new coins are introduced into the existing circulating supply. Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem through mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia mining bot you will receive your share of the collective mining reward. The more time your Utopia bots spend online, the more reward you will earn.

The purpose of the Utopia Mining Bots is to promote the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections and providing additional storage.

4. Requirements for mining Cryptons (CRP)

  • 64 CRP each bot
  • 64-bit operating system
  • More than 4 GB of RAM
  • 4 CPU cores or more
  • Public IP address (Static IP) and high-speed Internet connection

5. Mining guide

Quick mining guide with a video tutorial:

Docker-mining guide:

Ask mining related queries on Mining Support channel

6. Mining in Home PC possible?

Technically it is possible, yes. But most home users find great difficulty because of the Public IP (Static IP) requirement. The Pubic IP is the trickiest requirement for most home users because many ISPs don't actually give those out to customers. But because it's necessary for network health and increased routing, no mining will take place without it. You can either continue using and exploring Utopia for free from home using this client, or if you really want to earn CRP (mine) then find a suitable VPS to host a bot.

Highly recommended to use a VPS for mining.

Please review for a list of working VPS providers. None are free, though.

7. Mining Data

If total mining threads are below 1000 then reward per thread will be 0.048 CRP and if total mining threads are above 1000 then reward will decrease marginally to share 48 CRP equally among all threads.

Maximum reward per thread: 0.048 CRP (When threads are 1000 or below)

Maximum total reward generated per block: 48 CRP

Block Time: 15 minutes

Maximum CRP can be mined per year: 1.68 million CRP

8. When will the mining bot start generating rewards?

Once the requirements are met and a bot has begun working, it will take 24 hours for enough incoming links to be formed (approximately 5) for CRP rewards to begin generating.

The longer your bot is online, the better the chance that the mining will generate rewards.

9. Utopia Alternative Miner (UAM)

Mining with Utopia Client is not possible anymore. Classic Bot for Windows, MacOS and Linux also discontinued. Team has developed a new alternative mining client (Utopia Alternative Miner) based on a completely new code base written from scratch with high performance and low resource consumption in mind. Download and try from below link (Linux Only).

An example of how to launch a bot from the command prompt:


10. Is there a limit on the number of bots i can run?

You can launch unlimited number of bots, but with the condition that each bot works on a separate host and have 64 CRP each bot in your uWallet. (e.g: If you want to run 10 bots, you must have 640 CRP in your uWallet)

11. Delegate CRP

New feature allow user to temporary delegate Cryptons to a miner without losing the control over the funds.

12. Mining Calculator

Idyll Browser: http://calculator


13. Cost of VPS?

VPS cost depends on from where you buy it. Use mining calculator to check profitability.

14. How to get Static Public IP?

Generally, ISP don't provide Static Public IP, they provide Dynamic Public IP but if you want Static Public IP than you have to contact your ISP.

Crypton (CRP)

15. About Crypton (CRP)

Crypton is a truly breakthrough cryptocurrency that guarantees complete privacy protection and is fully protected from any regulatory-related risks unlike any other cryptocurrency launched by any world-famous or even just public company. There is no government authority of any country that can influence on Crypton's market rate or it's fate as well as there is no way to take control on Crypton or entire Utopia ecosystem and it's team which stays and will always stay anonymous.

Multi-faceted and highly-professional approach to liquidity support and stable market rate of Crypton is well-organized with 3 main levers:
  • Adjustable amount of issued Cryptons per 15 minute block for regulating emission
  • Adjustable Proof-of-Stake Rate for storing Cryptons that can be positive or even negative if it's necessary for market rate stability
  • Adjustable fees settings for all paid services available within Utopia ecosystem
All of three adjustable settings listed above are currently controlled by Utopia development team but after implementation of decentralized referendum, self-governance and voting systems the full control of adjustable settings will be transferred to society. Crypton's ideology and main priority is strived to complete anonymity and privacy protection to deliver the highest level of freedom, security and stability to its users.

16. Crypton Supply

Like Ethereum and Monero, Crypton does not have a predetermined cap on supply, however, unlike them Cryptons (CRP) spent in the registering of uNS records, the creation of uVouchers and Crypto Cards, and towards transaction fees are actually burned and therefore permanently eliminated from the circulating supply. In this way, the inflationary effects of mining have a monetary counterbalance in the deflationary effects of these multiple burn mechanisms for Crypton (CRP).

17. What is the Price of Crypton (CRP)?

Can check price from and

18. How to Buy or Sell Crypton (CRP)?

A list of exchanges where you can trade Crypton:

Another way is you can find buyers and sellers on Exchange Channel and can do trade at your own risk.

19. Crypton Block Explorer

For Idyll Browser: http://crypton

For Clearnet:

20. Crypton Burn

Cryptons (CRP) spent in the registering of uNS records, the creation of uVouchers and Crypto Cards, and towards transaction fees are actually burned and therefore permanently eliminated from the circulating supply. In this way, the inflationary effects of mining have a monetary counterbalance in the deflationary effects of these multiple burn mechanisms for Crypton (CRP).

21. Channels from you can Buy or Sell Cryptons (CRP)

Channel Name: Utopia Exchange

Channel ID: 5C6DE2C57F1C68C3721A7489B879B0A4

Channel Name: TheMarket

Channel ID: E95109799EC5047783C867F6AF6D4568

Trade at your own risk.

22. When will Crypton (CRP) list on more exchanges?

The 1984 Group has confirmed they are in discussion with established exchanges for listing and more importanty, they have confirmed their intention to build a fully decentralized exchange within the Utopia ecosystem itself.

23. How can i get Cryptons (CRP)

  • Mining
  • Buy Cryptons from exchanges
  • Join Utopia Rewards Program to get Cryptons (CRP) as reward for reporting bugs, bright improvement ideas and promo reports at

24. What is Proof of Routing (PoR)?

PoR - Utopia's unique competitive mechanism of network support and Crypton (CRP) mining; enough incoming peer connections must be established for the mining bot to be come active and receive its allotment of new coins with every block.

Idyll browser and Website hosting

25. How to find Idyll Browser website links?

Find links from Search Engine : http://idyll

Join uCatalog Channel: E381DA7DC1B699C3CC3C493475370345

Try to access sites like: http://crypton , , http://saahil , http://crp , http://utopiapay , , , http://utalk , http://nuva , http://arcadia

Websites on Utopia are hosted by the creators client, which means the hosting client must be online and connected to the network in order to serve you the website. Consequently, not all websites may be available at all times presently. Idyll browser is a built-in browser used to surf web resources within the Utopia network.

26. How to host website on Utopia?

Utopia is a unique ecosystem specifically designed to protect your privacy of communication and the security of your personal data. When you make your website available within the Utopia ecosystem, you gain access to countless like-minded Utopia users while keeping your actual hosting location hidden, hence ensuring your confidentiality. Besides websites, you may make available any of your web resources, email, SSH server, audio/video streaming, and so on, using the TCP packet forwarding function of uNS.

Help File Guide: Help -> View Help or CTRL+F1 -> Hosting websites inside the Utopia Network

Help Site:

Clearnet Guide:


27. Can i host website on Utopia without uNS?

No, without uNS you cannot setup Packet Forwarding/Host.

General questions

28. Mobile version available?

Utopia mobile app beta version has been released for android:

29. Why Utopia is not open source?

The 1984 Group, which is the anonymous development team behind Utopia, may disclose certain parts of code, specifically related to communication and encryption. However, the decentralized protocol will not be released. Utopia is very knowledge-intensive software. A lot of time, effort and resources went into this product, and the 1984 Group do not want to share all of know-how as it will result in forks which in turn may result in instability of Utopia main network. Fork will lead to the division of the community, while The 1984 Group's intention is the unification of the community of like-minded individuals. The bottom line here is that a lot of software is closed source, and this does not hurt them a bit. In addition, the 1984 Group will audit Utopia code.

30. What is a user's hash key?

The hash key is a unique identifier associated with a user, regardless of the current nickname/alias, that may be used for identification purposes when the public key is not known to you.

31. How many users are there in Utopia?

Utopia is a completely private ecosystem, therefore direct knowledge of user count is not possible. We are only able to observe secondary measures of user activity such as active mining threads, daily/monthly transaction counts and amounts transferred, and channels created (although hidden channels can also be created).

32. How can i contact 1984 Group?

Visit to contact 1984 Group.

33. Utopia mainnet released date

Utopia mainnet released on 18th November 2019

34. I lost my password, what do I do?

Unless you have stored your password and can recover it, there is nothing that you can do. Your Utopia account has been lost, permanently.

35. I lost my Encrypted Container. What do I do?

If there is no backup of your Encrypted Container, there is nothing that you can do as your Utopia account has been lost, permanently.

36. Can i send email to Gmail from uMail?

uMail is a secure alternative to classic e-mail. uMail can be sent only to Utopia users that are in your contact list. uMail has all functionality of email localized to the Utopia ecosystem.

37. Can i do voice call or video call in Utopia?

Voice call and Video call feature not available yet in Utopia, but there is voice message feature (Can only send voice messages to your contacts in Private Chat).

38. Poker Details

Game: No Limit Texas Holdem

Rake (Table Fees): 2% of matched CRP on the table including preflop action

Table Stakes: 50-1000 Big Blinds

Minimum Big Blind: 0.002 CRP

Maximum Big Blind: 20 CRP